Big Gulp

Big Gulp

In my quest to find normalcy and peace in a crazy December, I am amazed at how quickly time compresses and how I run into, quite often, moments of insanity. It seems everyone, self included, has this “brilliant” epiphany of, ”Hey! I have friends, family, a community and a needy world and I must spend gigantic amounts of time and money on each of them within a 25-day timespan because the other 340 days of the year don’t really matter! …Only these particular days make sense  to conjure the warm-fuzzies and find meaning in the universe and make peace with our enemies and go shopping at the mall… and… and… and…”

I suppose this is one way to keep warm and distract oneself from the first dark, cold days of winter.

One thing I am trying to coach myself on is to take little bites instead of big gulps when approaching difficult opportunities in life.  (Yeah baby, I’m a coach! …To myself!) Here’s progress: When I look at a crazy-large “problem” nowadays, instead of trying to solve it (which includes many wasted hours of worry , tears, headaches, and my family living through WWIII), I throw up a red flag and just stop. I’m under arrest. Time to re-route. When I tread in these ‘difficult’ waters, a good dose of self-survival cautioning to avoid taking big gulps of life is in order. I don’t have to solve all of this right now.

Now there are some, you know who you are, that come by the the baby-steps discipline quite naturally. They are not from a long line of worriers, doubters, & over-thinkers. They are gifted with the pleasure of patience, insight and wisdom. Indecision isn’t a part of their ethos. (I’m jealous. And will you be my best friend?) Then there are some who did not become calm in adversity naturally, but have earned the right to be among the believers of peace and faith. They fought really hard to believe that though there may be no “logic” to so many happenings in life, there is great love and great strength to be gulped up in big doses. A big gulp of trusting in renewal, second chances, reinvention and creation always outlasts fear and frenzy. (I pray this becomes part of the fabric of my nature, and yours too, if that’s what you need.)

So take it easy this December. Even if you “blow it” in the eyes of others, or even yourself this month – like you don’t have the time, money or heck even energy to get it all done – try to feast on the idea that a surge of new hope, new creativity and new love can come out of you. *The star over Bethlehem is shining over you and me tonight.* Time to overdose on the brilliance (both the shiny and intelligent kinds) shining on all of us.