Chain, chain, chain... Chain of fools...

Chain, chain, chain… Chain of fools…

If you talk with me or any of my friends, it’s all about trying to balance out all the variables in life. For example, here’s what’s on my plate: 50-60 hours a week of student teaching (no pay involved, by the way!), running our business (, helping out with our local youth group. Of course, I’m attempting to manage a lovely home, cultivate awesome relationships with others, helping out my terrific husband, and most of all I’d like to know God better and better and better. We’ve got goals, dreams, and present responsibilities all swimming around in our heads. And our hearts want to just give & give. Whew, it’s exhausting. I just hope we’re learning and growing more, that the borders of our hearts are getting bigger, and that we are becoming more comfortable in our skin. Brent always tells me to break all this stuff down into little, manageable chunks. Some people are really skilled at that. I try. But there’s just so much I have to have my eyes on (80+ middle schoolers is an example!), that I start to freak a little. But who hasn’t done that before?

By the way, my post title really doesn’t have anything to do with what I’m talking about here. It was really just the song that was playing in my head. I have many a random song playing in my head usually. Just ask my husband!

So, I’ve been checking out the Radiant Mag. podcasts over the past few months as well as reading the paper version of their magazine. I think it’s an excellent start to what they are attempting to do – speak to women about faith, culture, music, etc. Check it out.

Time to go. Sorry this wasn’t an exciting post! I’m in the middle of homework!

God bless,

ms :)