Fundraising Idea 1.3 - The Audience

Fundraising Idea 1.3 – The Audience

So this will be a brief post, but I wanted to sort of dive deeper into the audience interaction part of the dinner theater (please see previous posts to catch up!). I mentioned how every audience member receives a character name and their character is somehow connected with the major players of the play. (Hope I’m making sense here.) It can be extremely successful including audience participation for this event, however, not at the expense of their dignity! What I’m saying is that you want to have a little interaction with audience members and major characters during dinner. In times past, we’ve given the audience Monopoly money to bribe characters for information and clues. (Hilarious!) We’ve hidden “clues” under chairs and asked the audience to check to see if they had any evidence or clues that could help the case or incriminate them. Anyway, you get the idea. Keep it fun, but not too embarrassing (unless you know FOR SURE someone that can handle a little time in the limelight.)

Below are two Excel spreadsheets. The first is a template for seating assignments. When people purchased tickets, they were able to pick and choose who they wanted to sit with, and what meal choice they selected (meat, veggie, etc.) The second spreadsheet contains the product of hours of endless work. It is a huge list of silly names that were given to audience members along with a description. We came up with these names, created descriptions of how they were connected to a major character in the play, and then printed all of them out onto little cards and placed them at every dinner setting. A ton of work. If you do decide to go this route, I encourage you to take these names and just tweak the descriptions so that it fits with your play. It takes forever trying to figure it all out, but it’s big fun for the crowd!

Happy fundraising!