Home(ed) for the holidays

Home(ed) for the holidays

Right now, I’m homeless, but not without a home. Recently, due to circumstances that many others face today, we had to leave our home of 7 years. The home my husband and I came home to after our honeymoon. The home our daughter came home to after she was born and spent the first 3 years of her life in. But like I always tell my daughter, ‘Home is where mommy, daddy and you are together.’ Meaning, home is where our family and our love resides.

Over the past 10 years, I have fallen in love with cooking. I especially love to try new flavors, new techniques and new recipes. After ‘loosing’ our house, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to cultivate this passion. However, some amazing friends offered to share their home and their lives with us. Not only does my family have a warm, temporary place to live (with lots of laughter and love), but they have given me free reign in their gourmet kitchen… with a gas stove! Ah! Heaven. I no longer feel homeless, I feel home(ed).

Because of the self-sacrifice of others, because of their love and commitment to family and friendship, my family is truly blessed this Christmas season. I’ll admit — I have had a terrible time receiving. But as I am reminded by these ancient and relevant words, “Freely give, freely receive.” I intend to do both.

God bless you at Christmas and throughout 2012.

P.S. We’re throwing down our roots now in the Seattle area! If you’re in town, let’s connect! Man, it’s cold up here. Slightly different than Phoenix.