Seattle/WA Recommendations from @luzbonita

Seattle/WA Recommendations from @luzbonita

Hello everybody! I just had to post this really, really good information for those who may be headed to the Seattle area. It’s actually from @luzbonita – a really cool girl whom I’ve never met in person, just online. (And we live in the same area…!) Anyway, when she heard we were going up to Seattle, she sent us an awesome email with detailed info on what to do. So I’m sharing this info, with her permission here. She may have a future career in tourism maybe?

Hope you get a chance to do some of this stuff! Thanks Luz!

(P.S. Some of the movies may be gone now, just FYI.)


Day 1 (Queen Anne-oriented):

- Get breakfast at the 5 Spot.  Hair of the Dogwich is tasty, but the bloody mary salad side is the real treat.  French toast is also delectible.  Actually, everything is.  Haven’t tried the Puerto Rico breakfast items yet, but they look taaaaaaasty.

- Coffee at El Diablo.  All Cuban coffee drinks.  Just up Queen Anne Ave from 5 Spot.

- Walk up Queen Anne (this is good if Michelle and Cadie come.  There’s some fun kids shops and a really awesome game store further up the road, all within easy walking distance)

- Easy Street Records.  You HAVE to go here.

- Lunch at  Pagliacci Pizza or at Dick’s, which is right behind that (ONLY get the deluxe burger with fries and a shake.  Everything else is meh.). Cheap, tasty pizza.  Call Isaac to join you.  He works right behind there.

- Drive over to Fremont and walk around there.  Start with gelato at Royal Grinders behind the statute of Lenin.  Get an afternoon beer at Dad Watson’s (get the cajunized tots if you want something to munch on).  Really cool guitar/strings shop in the main area.  OR…

- Spend the afternoon in Wallingford.  Stop at Archie McPhee and then walk east on 45th.  Get Ice Cream at Molly Moo’s.  Coffee at Fuel.  Cupcakes at Trophy.  Asian food anywhere. Open Books: A Poem Emporium for poetry.  Catch “500 Days of Summer” at the Guild 45th Theater (one of the landmark theaters.  gorgeous!)

Day 2:

- Get coffee at Bedlam.  Coffee’s alright, but it’s a cool little location.  There’s sushi nearby, too.
- Get tomato soup cupcakes at Yellowleaf Cupcakes.
- Get donuts at Top Pot.  Not close by, but not too far away.  Seattle’s best donuts in my opinion.  And a great place to work out of, too, FYI.

Stuff that’s close to downtown:
Peter Miller (also Design Within Reach store and a really cool paper and organizational store close by.  not joking when I say this is what design heaven looks like.)
Byrnie Utz Hats
Wild Ginger (satay bar. hear it’s amazing.)

Day trips:
- Portland.  (Take Amtrak.  You’ll have to research dates.  Can get there in ~$50.  Otherwise, it’s about a two-hour drive.)
- Snoqualmie Falls.  Some info here and here.

Misc tours and museums and such
- Seattle Underground Tour (family-friendly)
- Iron Man is being shown on the lawn of the Seattle Center on Saturday at 9p.  Free.
- Seattle Art Museum has some cool exhibits right now.  Click on the link with the box cutter and watch the video of the guy doing wall paintings.  Seriously cool.