Tonight, tonight, tonight... ooooooh

Tonight, tonight, tonight… ooooooh

I begin this mini blog with the words of of Mr. Collins. I have no idea how that song popped into my head, but it reminds me of a friend in high school (many moons ago) who loved the fact that Phil could rock on the drums. I suppose tonight’s entry will be several tangents and musings, and that is alright, I suppose. My dog is madly inhaling his 2nd dinner (I think he calls it his before bedtime snack or something). Boy is he hungry.

Yesterday I presented a unit plan I created about the Japanese Internment Camp Experience at a Social Studies Conference here in Arizona. (Check out my Edu website: I believe it went well. Two professor friends of mine, and another teacher helped to facilitate the whole event. It’s all about interacting with students these days (keeping it student-centered, of course), so I made it lively while we analyzed historical docs, etc. Photo analysis is a way cool skill for kids to learn and get interested in the past. Am I a history nerd? Only a little. Presently, I am a student teacher about to receive my undgrad degree from ASU in Secondary Ed/History. This was quite an honor to present yesterday. But I think I’m done spending all day at conferences for a long time. I attended an amazing class about a geography unit for secondary ed kids on China’s one child policy. It was a rigorous, meaningful, and balanced approach to the whole subject.

My husband just showed me a commercial on TV… Lexus has a self-parallel parking car. Yikes. I guess it’s for all of those people who did not grow up in California parallel parking since they were 5! (ha ha) It was a little creepy seeing a car move on its own. Pretty soon we’ll just have to call our cars like we call our dogs & they’ll come running?!

Manana? Church! My husband and I help with the Refuge (, a Christian ministry for youth. We’ve been helping two of our best friends with this ministry for over 6 years now and we love it. We have Sunday morning and Tuesday night services and we also have various activities and Bible studies throughout the week. Each summer my husband and I volunteer our time to run a summer-long discipleship program with the teenagers. It’s been amazing. Check out the kid’s podcasts and blogs from this summer at

Time to log off! God bless & until next time.