What good educators hope for

What good educators hope for

This week a “Teacher Leader” will be facilitating and leading a community meeting with parents and community members. Really, it’s a fact-finding time for school organizers in their lower-income school district. Topics will range from anti-bullying and campus safety, to vision, celebrations, and challenges for the schools.

Here’s what she is earnestly hoping for (and wanted me & others to pray for), in her words:

Please pray -

  • for me — so I can do a good job facilitating, that is, eliciting and clarifying comments and suggestions, keeping people focused
  • for people who attend — so they will actually come up with good ideas, not just complaints
  • that the whole evening would be effective and worth the time of everyone in attendance
  • that parents would come and would want to become involved with the schools and their childrenĀ  understanding what a huge difference they can make when they they do so

This school district has seen so many ups and downs (too many downs!). So please pray for her if you get a chance!